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Out Come Based Training Core Process


- To create work oriented, competent and self reliant citizen through quality and demand driven trainings that contribute to the country’s social   and economic developments.


   - Working to the standard to crate working to the standard to create competent work force that contribute to realizes the transformation and       development plan of the country.


   - Accountability
   - Transparency
   - Change adaptability
   - Responsiveness to customers



  1. To provide sufficient and efficient skilled middle level man power to the current market demand.
   2. To conduct research to know the trained man power demand of the city.
   3. To prepare curriculum, Teacher training material (TTLM) and certification to the standard.
   4. To provide skill gap training for micro small scale enterprise workers
   5. To integrate the training with the worked of work

Duties and Responsibility :

   - Conducting research that fantails man power demand of the city.   
  - Facilitating to prepare model curriculum and teacher training and learning materials (TTLM) based on Ethiopian Occupational     Standard (EOS).
   - Disseminating model curriculum and TTLM approval to all TVET institutes for implementation.
   - Preparing and disseminating training certification as per the guideline of Ministry of Education TVET section to all TVET     institutes.
   - Provide demand oriented training in all section (public and non-public institutes) at all levels and to all people in need to training
   - Facilitating companies to make them able to provide efficient and effective cooperative trainings.
   - Providing need based (skill gap) training for micro small scale enterprise workers.
   - Supporting public and private TVET instates /colleges by supervision/.
   - Facilitate all possible condition to make trainees self employed before graduation.
   - Providing the required training to capacitate the core process workers and other related relevant stake holders.

Expected services form the core process that mostly related with customers.

        1. Provision of curriculum, TTLM and training completion certification
        2. Trains compliant du to placement (the first placement when trains come from General education)
        3. Education and training experience sharing

Customer expected to do the following to get services

    (i) Customer should bring RW-CD to get the soft copy of curriculum, TTLM, and training certificate.
 (ii) Customer such as (new coming trainees from general education) should fill the application format to get addressed their compliant driving placement.
  (iii) Customer get any kind of education and training support when ever in need of experience sharing.

List of documents provide education and training program

      (i) - Ethiopian Occupational     Standard (EOS)
(ii) - Curriculums
(iii) - Teaching and learning manuals
(iv) - Training completion corticated
(v) - Cooperative training Hand book
(vi) - List of Companies that provides cooperative trainings.