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Dear readers, on the behalf of Addis Ababa City Administration Technical and Vocational Education & Training Agency community admit my deep appreciation for taking interest in our training programs in general and to read our official website in particular.

Currently, we are geared towards supporting our Government policies and strategies and dedicated to constantly align our training program in the mainstream development frameworks and Competency-based and demand driven training. Stronger partnership and networking are significantly utilized to create more opportunities for our Stakeholders such as MSEs, Government, and the Community in which we operate.

Our TVET Agency continues to advance its mission of providing training in partnership with Addis Ababa City Administration and the industries around preparing active citizenship for the world of work, through in school and cooperative training. Through our outcome based training programs and industry extortion services provided to MSEs we have seen many lives changed for the better. We will continue to make difference in the outcome based training program and Industry extension services provided.

This website has paramount importance to us to share with you what initiatives and opportunities are out there to serve and for potential cooperation. Our duty is to create and provide a sustained quality service for all clientele consistent with our Quality Management System.
Thank You
Tilahun Worku
Executive Director