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Implementation of Technology Transfer & Industry Extension Services


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions will provide the new service package, which targets solving all the major headaches of SMEs in the country. The strategies stated that the government is committed to foster and support SMEs in order to solve unemployment in the urban areas. As the ambitious five-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) of the country focuses on laying the ground for the transformation of the economy from agriculture to industry, giving focus and priority to SMEs. Even though it will be difficult to provide Industry Extension Services to all SMEs at the beginning, we will start by providing the service to selected existing enterprises and to the enterprises engaged in development-focused sectors, SMEs, who are engaged in manufacturing sector, especially those who produce products for export market or replace import items and those who are already clustered will primarily get Industry Extension Service, according to the strategic document. The services that will be provided to the SMEs by TEVT institutions among other includes skills trainings on entrepreneurship, business management, best technology adaptation and transfer, productivity, quality maintenance and product standardization and certifications.

Based on the above background our core process has the following Vision, Mission and Objectives:


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Ethiopia seeks to create competent and self-reliant citizens to contribute to the economic and social development of the country, thus improving the livelihoods of all Ethiopians and sustain ably reducing poverty.


BY Implementing Technology Transfer & Industry Extension Services.To Assure Growth and Competitiveness of Micro and Small Enterprises’ Development.


Develop Capacity of Micro and Small Enterprise Operators in terms of Competency & Technology

The Intervention Areas of the Implementation of Technology Transfer & Industry Extension Services are:

   • Technical Competency
   • Entrepreneurial Competency
   • Technological Capability
   • Quality & Productivity Competency

Implementation of Technology Transfer & Industry Extension Services


1. Technical Competency

       • Fill Gaps
       • Asses competency

2. Entrepreneurial Competency

       • Develop modules
       • Fill Gaps

3. Technological Capability

       • Identify
       • Select
       • Accumulate
       • Transfer

4. Quality & Productivity Competency

       • Plan
       • Do
       • Check
       • Act

Technology Transfer & Industry Extension Services process owner