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Trainers and Training Leadership Development Core Process


In the straggle of successfully achieving the growth and development program of our country the contribution of the TVET sector is very vital. This great task of the sector can not be possible without highly qualified trainers and training leaders. Thus, the main task of our core - process is facilitating essential activities in producing the desired man power from the sector who are responsible to play great role in achieving the GTP and there by realizing the renaissance Ethiopia.

Based on the above background our core process has the following Vision, Mission and Objectives:


producing mitivated highly skilled creative efficient and self-reliant citizens who can contribute to the enhancement of the economic and social development of the city and there by improving the living condition of the people by alleviating poverty step-by-step.


Developing standardized system of education and training that enables to produce efficient and competent man power by providing the necessary professional and technical support for those who are involving in the sector.


Producing all rounded professionals who can play a vanguard role in sustainable development of the city by capacitating trainers and training leaders who are involving in the education and training system.

Thus, the services that Trainers and Training leadership development core process renders are:-

• Facilitating occupational competency assessment for TVET Trainers.
• Facilitating the provision of pedagogical training for TVET trainers.
• Indentifying the gap in knowledge and skills of trainers and training leaders through assessment
• Based on the assessment result capacitating trainers and training leaders.
• Conducting continuous evaluation on trainers TM performance and providing appropriate professional support
• Providing on job training to upgrade the qualification level of trainers and training leaders.
• Facilitating experience sharing activities among trainers and training leaders
• Providing different short - term trainings to update trainers and training leaders
• Providing calibration training for the prospect core - trainers.

Expected pre conditions (requirements) from customers to receive service delivery

1. The Trainer or Training leader should be a staff of A.A TVET Colleges, basic & middle level institutes or sub cites.
2. To received induction (for newly deployed trainers)
     (i) competent in National competency assessment
     (ii) received training methodology
3. To join service and regular off-job trainings
     (i) Competent in National competency assessment
     (ii) Work experience (service) a minimum of two years and above
     (iii) Authentic and accredited certificate.
     (iv) Registered in sub cites or colleges for the contest.
     (v) Willing to sign an agreement to serve in any collage or institution after completion of the training
     (vi) Willing to serve in any collage or institution as per level specialization after completion of the training
4. For on job short term trainings
     (i) eligible for the core process’s criteria
     (ii) registered in sub cities & collages as per criteria established by the core process
5. For skill gap trainings
     (i) registered for training specifically in his/her sector
     (ii) Willing to transmit, disseminate and promote the new knowledge, skill or connvation acquired from training.

6. Managing complaints
     6.1 Ways of presenting appeals
         (i) Direct by verbal or written applications
         (ii) Through suggestion box
     6.2 Procedures of appealing
         (i) Colleges -------------- Bureau’s core process
         (ii) Sub cities ----------- Bureau’s core process
         (iii) Basic &middle level TVET institutions -------------- Sub city-------------- Bureau’s core process

  Organizational Structure of Trainers and Training Leadership Professional Development Core Process

          (ii) At Bureau level ----- Core Process
          (iii) At Sub-city level ------ Experts
          (iv) At College -------------- Experts